About Us

Welcome to Diamond Extension Architecture

Diamond Extension Architects is an architectural planning company. We work with a team of expert architects and construction workers that have 15 years of experience bringing regulation approved drawings to reality. We also work with a nation wide mortgage brokerage established in 1986 so re-mortgaging your home will be a breeze.


Who we are?

At Diamond Extension Architecture we go the extra mile. We can supply that dream extension you’ve always wanted and help you pay for it too. We have every part of the process perfected,working with top architects and building consultants to bring you building and planning regulation approved drawings. We work with an independent mortgage broker that have been established since 1986, so we can easily help re-mortgage your home with he overall goal of helping your property value rise!


What we offer?

  • Site visit and consultation, where we assess all your planning permission needs.
  • Planning and building application drawings.
  •  Application for planning permission to local council.
  • An experienced team of top architects and builders.
  •  Mortgage brokers-so you can sit back and watch your property rise in value!